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From "Brown, Michael" <>
Subject New user trying to use the exec task running a qsh with a script file....
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 18:27:19 GMT
Hoping for any help with a exec task issue:

We're having a problem executing a script using ANT from the iSeries QSH.
When we try to have ANT invoke an 'exec' call to run a 'qsh' command (used
to start a script that runs iSeries system commands) the system command
within the script fails.  This is the call from xml doc we have ANT
operating on:

  	<exec executable="qsh" os="OS/400">
  	        <arg value="/trich/spf/test"/>

When we redirect the output to a log file we can see the HEX for the 'exec'
statement. We map the output characters to EBCDIC (for iSeries) and get the
     [exec] Command is > CPYFRMSTRF FROMSTMF('.trich.spf.pdfsrvpgm savf')
TOMBR('.qsys lib.soltemp lib.pdfsrvpgm file') MBROPT(*REPLACE)  <

The problem here is the string should have slashes where the periods are...
and forward slashes for all the spaces in the single quoted text above.
When we invoke the script directly from the iSeries QSH then things work

Any advise would be greatly appriciated....

Michael Brown
Windows Platform Technologies
Bldg. 3 - 5th floor
Ext. #46190

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