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From Martin Erlandsson <>
Subject Ant task to map vss folders to actual folders on multiple machine s - exists?
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 13:31:36 GMT

Hi List.

I am thinking about writing an ant task to automate distribution of
configuration files from VSS to a number of different configurations
directories. Before I start, I just want to know if someone has already done
something similar???

The mission:
I use VSS to version-control a bunch of configuration files. When a
configuration file is changed, it is simply checked in to VSS. Then, an ant
script distributes the files to the right place on the right server. This
ant script uses vss, telnet and ftp tasks to get the files from VSS, set
permissions and to ftp the files. Also, some files need to be executable, so
this is done in the end. 
The thing is, that it is becoming a real pain to maintain this script.
Consequently, I want to write an ant task to do all this...

The task should use something like the following to map the vss path to the
actual path: 



Any comments or ideas are appreciated!


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