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From <>
Subject RE: MimeMail-task question
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 13:50:32 GMT

> I'm not totally sure but it seems that this odd behavior can 
> be avoided
> if I put in a <sleep> before sending the mail.

I too had problems with the mimemail and not showing the html output as 
part of the message.  I would examine the message body that Outlook 
received and it looked as if the html was chopped.

I mainly noticed this when the number of tests (and therefore the size 
of the file) started to increase.

I decided to edit the xsl to remove the property popups (don't work in 
Outlook anyway!) and that dramatically reduces the file size and now I 
don't have a problem.

If I need the properties I can still examine the attached xml.

Not sure if this is the same issue, but maybe some food for thought.

If you need anymore help, please mail me!


Andrew Beacock
Principal Software Engineer/Project Lead

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