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From Andrew Wu <>
Subject Multiple target execution
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 11:39:16 GMT

I have a set of targets setup to build jar files. I have one main target 
that does the building of the jar and other targets that use <antcall> 
to call it passing it different parameters. Let me illustrate:

<target name="buildA">
    <antcall target="buildjar">
        <param name="foo" value="bar"/>

<target name="buildB">
    <antcall target="buildjar">
        <param name="foo" value="nah"/>


<target name="buildjar" depends="clean,init,compilewithoutdebug">
    <!-- build the jar -->

[To be more specific I'm using this design to build a jar that only 
differs by the name and the files that are excluded.]

But anyways, the problem lies with another target "buildalljars":

<target name="buildalljars" depends="buildA,buildB,..."/>

Now I'd have expected the clean, init and compilewithoutdebug targets to 
only be run once but this isn't the case. I guess it's down to <antcall> 
that this doesn't happen.

So the question, is this a bug?


Andy Wu

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