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From Mark Fortner <>
Subject Re: Borland Jbuilder finally adds ant support (at a price)
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 12:37:14 GMT
What people often forget is that there are OpenTool alternatives to the 
features that Borland sells
for a premium.  For example, I use Ant Builder to execute Ant tasks from 
the free version of JBuilder.
There are OpenTools that will automatically generate Strut's code, 
support templating, integrate with
every VCS (including CVS, PVCS, Source Safe, StarTeam etc).  There are 
several open tools for
creating unit tests as well.  All of these features, Borland includes in 
their Enterprise edition, and
charges an arm and a leg for.  Check em out at


Mark Fortner

Steve Loughran wrote:

>>>From the feature set of JBuilder 7, I see that they have finally added
>native ant support
>but only on the enterprise edition. Like, they had to pay so much for
>ant.jar that they had to put them in the prestige premium tool that costs
>the same as two laptops.
>It's funny; I'd have thought that ant would help deprecate the selling price
>of the premium stuff, or at least let IDEs focus on what they are good at:
>editing, refactoring and collaboration. But no, borland keep ant part of the
>premium product, perhaps to ensure that all the features ant offers -junit,
><zip>, deployment are also kept at a premium.
>On the plus side, it means that all of the mainstream IDEs support Ant, even
>the 'Enterprise' tools. This is a sign of progress. Even in the enterprise,
>your build can be independent of an IDE. I wonder if they realise what they
>have done.
>[running IDEA fullscreen in the other monitor, generating java classes from
>an XSD file via Castor and ant, then deploying to tomcat  and running http
>unit tests]
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