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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.5 Beta documentation online
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 23:50:31 GMT
Daniel Barclay wrote:

>Does the Ant project have a policy on which version of the
>documentation should be the (default) documentation on the
>web site?  If not, it probably should (so it's not a question 
>of who people considers it release-quality or not released yet).
There is no written (or binding) policy. In general, the current release 
is available on line. Peter Donald requested that the online docs be 
upgraded and Erik gave a +1.

As for "release quality", there is nothing really different between the 
beta build and any other nightly build - they are all release quality 
:-).  Seriously, a beta achieves "release quality" by being tested by as 
wide an audience as possible. This is one of the reasons I think it is a 
good idea to upgrade the documentation. We want as many people to try 
out the beta as possible. We want people to know it is there. One of the 
things I noticed in the Ant 1.4 release cycle was that 1.3 downloads 
outstripped the 1.4 beta downloads significantly. I think this is one 
reason why there is Ant 1.4.1. It would be good for all of us if this 
were not to be repeated in 1.5.

>Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting that the new documentation
>shouldn't be on the web site, just that it shouldn't replace the
>documentation for the current (last released) version.  
>You could do it the way Sun does:  The documentation for JDK 1.2
>and JDK 1.3 was (and is) still accessible (without downloading and 
>unpacking)on their web site when 1.4beta and then 1.4.0 came out.
The significant difference is that the JDK does not bundle the 
documentation, where Ant does. Anyone who has downloaded Ant has the 
full documentation available locally. Also Sun has considerably greater 
hardware resources than Apache. I know the website isn't huge but 
consider if each project maintained documentation for all versions 
on-line. There are a lot of projects :


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