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Subject Re: [newbie] How to display values pointed to by refid
Date Sat, 04 May 2002 15:39:23 GMT
Diane Holt wrote:
> <property name="whatever" refid="compile.classpath"/>
> <echo>compile.classpath = ${whatever}</echo>
> > BUILD FAILED (because of an incorrect entry in compile.classpath)
> You'll need to fix the "incorrect entry" before you can do anything else.

Thanks Diane. You are right. I fixed the "offending entry" in
compile.classpath. Now the statements you supplied work!

This looks like a catch-22. I wanted to display compile.classpath
to find what was wrong with it (debug the problem). Yet until
everything was correct, the contents could not be displayed :-(
The current behavior forced me to work blind. IMHO the statement
<property name= ...> should accept the directory entries pointed
to by refid (not validate whether they exist or not) so that they
can be displayed by the next echo statement.

In case anybody is wondering what the problem/fix was, it is
even more mysterious. I had supplied catalina.home as
F:\jwsdp-1_0-ea2 in file. When ant
processed this file, it stripped "\" character to make
catalina.home=F:jwsdp-1_0-ea2 (essentially made it relative
path, instead of absolute path). This relative value was used
in the creation of a path (pointed to refid compile.classpath).
Now Windows prefixed current working directory to catalina.home
value resulting in the "offending entry." Whew! (At least this
is what I suspect happened. Your reality may be different! :-)

F:\\jwsdp-1_0-ea2 (an additional "\") in
file fixed the problem.


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