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From Nathaniel Reed <>
Subject ant javac skips directory
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 19:39:26 GMT

Can anyone give me some pointers on why ant is skipping one of my

I have a project with several packages in my src directory, eg.

myproject/B <- Skipped

When I do "ant compile," I see the output:

FileSet: Setup file scanner in dir {my-home}/WEB-INF/src/java with
PatternSet { includes: [] excludes: [] }

    [javac] myproject/ omitted as
{my-home}/WEB-INF/classes/myproject/Hello.class is up to date.

The 'javac' task goes through most of the directories except one, and
there are no messages about the skipped directory.

Earlier, because I had just added new classes in A which depend on B,
and had done a clean, the new classes wouldn't compile as Java does not
detect dependencies and Ant would not compile the old classes in B.

So, I manually compiled these classes to my output directory.  Now,
however, Ant continues to fail to scan the directory 'B', which results
in my changes to classes in B not being compiled. (unless I do it on the
command line with 'javac')

(There is nothing special about the package B; I checked -- all the
.java files properly declare the package they belong to, all the perms
are the same, etc.)

Any ideas?

Nate Reed
Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Raytheon)
(626) 744-5528
(626) 744-5506

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