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From Christian Wolfgang Hujer <>
Subject Style task and file ending - problem
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 11:11:14 GMT
Hello dear list members,

I am using ANT 1.4.1 and ANT 1.5Beta1.
When using the style/xslt task I have the following problem:

The source files are named, index.html.en, and
They are files in XHTML Basic.
A transformation stylesheet in XSLT shall transform them into XHTML 1.1 and
add some layout.

The problem is the file ending.
When using the style task like this:

    <xmlcatalog refid="generalcatalog" />

The style task will transform the four input files all to index.html.html,
overwriting the results of the previous transformations with the following
ones resp. the last one.

But the destination file names shall be exactly the same file names as the
source file names.

I tried:
    -- ... --
<!-- ... -->

This didn't help, the result file names all have been "index.html",
resulting in the same problem as described above.

The solution I currently use is apply the style several times, once for each
file ending, like this:
    -- ... --
<!-- ... -->
    -- ... --
<!-- ... -->

I do not think this is a pretty solution.

I also do not want to change the order of the ending from to  Apart from other reasons I think Ant has to help the
project, not the other way round.

So now here are my questions / suggestions:
1. Has this problem already been discussed on ant-user? I am new to ant user
   and searching the mail archive - I downloaded the complete ant-user
   archive, split it up into those approx. 19000 mails and searched them 
vi `ls | xargs grep -l "<\(style\|xslt\)" | xargs grep -l extension | xargs grep -l html`
   - did not give me results on this topic.

2. Does someone know a solution simplier than mine?

3. I suggest to change the behaviour of Ant 1.5 or 1.6 regarding the
   extension.  The style task should be able to simply leave the filename
   unmodified, including its extension.
   If you (the users) would agree on this I'd post this to ant-developer to
   discuss this topic with the ant developers.  If they agree, I'd change the
   style/xslt-Task and donate the patch to the developer team.

Greetings and thanks for your time

Christian Wolfgang Hujer
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Telefon: +49 (089) 27 37 04 37
Telefax: +49 (089) 27 37 04 39

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