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From "Anthony W. Marino" <>
Subject Re: Ant: The Definitive Guide (Orielly)
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 13:14:35 GMT
Will there be any coverage of ant-contrib's cppptasks?  This sounds like an 
extremely powerful and cool project for the ant community.

Thank You,

> To further what Steve has said about our forthcoming book [1,2], we are
> covering much more than would even be reasonable for the Ant docs.  We
> cover lots of real-world situations from web development, XML issues, EJB
> projects, and Web Services. These involve several 3rd party tools such as
> XDoclet, Cactus, Middlegen, and others, which really do not make sense to
> be documented in Ant's own manual. If real-world build/test/deploy issues
> are what you want to see written about, our book is it.  Its going to be
> ~550+ pages.
> We do not repeat Ant's docs at all besides, as Steve mentioned, to include
> an Appendix task reference which is code generated using XDoclet, <concat>,
> <xslt>, and a few fiddly Microsoft Word style changes. As a matter of fact,
> I'll probably include a brief summary of the steps used to auto-generate
> the task reference. Look for the Javadocs in Ant's codebase to dramatically
> improve in the next week or so as we clean them up to make generating
> documentation much cleaner (not just for our book, for Ant's future
> documentation as well!).
> I worked with Hightower and Lesiecki on the Java Tools book (wrote bits of
> the HttpUnit stuff, but that is all other than perusing it as it was in
> progress) - and definitely expressed concerns on their Ant work to them. 
> In all fairness, they wrote that book in 1/4 of the time Steve and I have
> been spending on our book and they did a bang-up job considering their
> constraints. I personally did not understand why the Ant API was printed
> there, as its irrelevant to almost all Ant users, and the few it is
> relevant to would probably use the current Javadocs instead.
> [1]
> [2]
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> From: "Chris Bailey" <>
> To: "Ant Users List" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 12:42 PM
> Subject: RE: Ant: The Definitive Guide (Orielly)
> > And, what does the book provide that the online docs do not?  For
> > example,
> I
> > have a copy of "Java Tools for Extreme Programming: Mastering Open Source
> > Tools Including Ant, JUnit, and Cactus".  THe sections on Ant are really
> > weak.  If you'd never seen Ant before, they'd help, but it doesn't even
> > cover as much as the online docs (and in fact, even says to go read the
> "Ant
> > in Anger" article first :)
> >
> > If the Definitive Guide book gets really in-depth and provides a lot of
> > examples of really complicated build needs, that might be useful (e.g.
> > I'm thinking that a "Cookbook" version would be more useful).

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