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From Isaac Sparrow <>
Subject Re: ANT Not Working - WIN2000 - j2sdk1.4.0
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 04:54:29 GMT
On Thursday 16 May 2002 09:33 pm, wrote:
> Paul,
> Thanks for the prompt response.  It is already in my path and unfortunately
> I do not know how to invoke with a fully qualified path because I am
> confused by the command line options given in the documentation.  I think
> you mean ant -buildfile c:\ANT\jakarta-ant-1.3\bin\ant.bat but am not sure.
> Could you send an example?
> Thanks,
> Brian

Invoking ant using a fully qualified path would look like this:


If ant is on your path as you say then the following will work:


Try this:

ant -help

You should see a message that looks something like this:
ant [options] [target [target2 [target3] ...]]
  -help                  print this message
  -projecthelp           print project help information
  -version               print the version information and exit
  -quiet                 be extra quiet
  -verbose               be extra verbose
  -debug                 print debugging information
  -emacs                 produce logging information without adornments
  -logfile <file>        use given file for log
  -logger <classname>    the class which is to perform logging
  -listener <classname>  add an instance of class as a project listener
  -buildfile <file>      use given buildfile
  -D<property>=<value>   use value for given property
  -find <file>           search for buildfile towards the root of the
                         filesystem and use it

If you get a message like "ant" unknown command or other such blabber from 
your windows shell try the fully qualified path to ant:

c:\ANT\jakarta-ant-1.3\bin\ant.bat -help

If you still don't get a help message from ant and you are sure ant is on your 
path, try installing Linux :-) You could also reboot and try again.

Have fun,

Isaac Sparrow
Staff Engineer
VisiComp, Inc.

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