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From Makarand Bhandari <>
Subject RE: Problems with deploying to Tomcat
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 15:23:34 GMT
The jar that I need in lib gets created by the same
ant task ! A set of beans and other objects that some
command line programs share with the jsp's.

I may be getting out of context here, but I'm on this
track because I was unable to include these jars in my
tomcat classpath. I'm on HP-UX and just couldn't
figure out how to make tomcat know where to pick up
the files from. Moving them in lib worked for me but
then deployment became a hassel.

Any idea of how to get them in tomcat classpath ? 
Maybe this is the wrong list but an answer here would
solve my ant problems to :-)

Thanks..   Mak

--- Maciej Zawadzki <> wrote:
> Is there some reason why you are not including your
> lib jars directly in the
> war file?  Normally, you do not need to create the
> webapps/cams/WEB-INF/lib
> directory because you can put your lib jars right
> into the war file.  Take a
> look at the documentation for the war task.
> > I use ant to war them into say, cams.war into
> > tomcat/webapps  Now, if the cams directory is
> already
> > present in webapps, tomcat does not redeploy cams
> when
> > i restart. So i need to delete webapps/cams using
> ant
> > and everything is fine till now.
> >
> > I need to create a lib directory in WEB-INF like
> > webapps/cams/WEB-INF/lib to contain certain jars.
> If I
> > use ant to create this structure before I startup
> > tomcat, tomcat does not deploy my cams.war since
> cams
> > directory is already present (ant created it to
> copy
> > jars)..

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