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From Makarand Bhandari <>
Subject Problems with deploying to Tomcat
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 14:51:00 GMT
Hi FOlks

Obviously, I'm doing something wrong here. I have a
web application, with some jsp's and servlets. 

I use ant to war them into say, cams.war into
tomcat/webapps  Now, if the cams directory is already
present in webapps, tomcat does not redeploy cams when
i restart. So i need to delete webapps/cams using ant
and everything is fine till now.

I need to create a lib directory in WEB-INF like
webapps/cams/WEB-INF/lib to contain certain jars. If I
use ant to create this structure before I startup
tomcat, tomcat does not deploy my cams.war since cams
directory is already present (ant created it to copy

So i tried to start tomcat thru ant using

   <target name="deploy" depends="war">
        <exec dir="${server.dir}/bin"
executable="shutdown" />
        <exec dir="${server.dir}/bin"
executable="startup" />

dir="${server.dir}/webapps/cams/WEB-INF/lib" />
        <copy file="/home/mrbhand/camsjar/cams.jar"


However, once exec starts tomcat, the script does not
proceed .   I feel I'm overcomplicating something that
could be done much more easily.

Any tips would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
- Mak.

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