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From Matt Koss <>
Subject Re: Could not create task of type: sql-generate due to java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 12:58:50 GMT
On Monday 13 May 2002 1:33 pm, you wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Two simple things to check if you havent already.. (I dont know, this
> might be obvious!?)
> * lib/Artemis.jar exists relative to your basedir as specified in your
> project
>   (not relative to ant installation directory) - or else specify absolute
> path

This is as you said.

> * inside Artemis.jar, you have the *path structure* as well as the class
> (i.e. if you jar -tf Artermis.jar, you'll get a line saying
> edu/ou/kmi/artermis/SQLGenerator.class
> (i.e. you havent just jarred up the SQLGenerator.class in the directory it
> was
> in)

Everything's correct.

> Sorry if this is too obvious- thats the only ways I can get my taskdefs to
> fail
> in the same way.. As an alternative, you could always put the jar file
> (providing
> it has the correct directory structure) in the ANT/lib installation
> directory
> instead, and abandon the nested <classpath>

No, this doesn't work either.

The thing is, that without adding <classpath> element, or putting jar files in 
ant/lib, even the <taskdef> fails.
Now, however, <taskdef> works, the above error occurs once the build gets to 
the line :
 <sql-generate ontology="${}" destFile="${sql.file}" 

I tried put <taskdef> right after the <project>, or inside the <target>
but I get the same results.

I wonder if it can be something with attributes, e.g. they are not properly 
recognized or what, but why do I get NoClassDefFoundError ?



Matt Koss
Knowledge Media Institute
Open University

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