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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Delete task does not take filelist
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 00:21:38 GMT
--- Ilya Lipkind <> wrote:
> a list of disparate, full-path filenames in a separate file
> I want to use the same filelist I use for javac

I take it you mean 'javac', the executable, and not <javac>, the task,
since the task wouldn't like a list of full-path filenames, either.

If there's no common directories to the files at all (seems like there
should be some, in which case you could pattern them, just not all within
the same <fileset> if there's different top-level dirs involved), then
you'd need to either use the ant-contrib <foreach> task or a <script>
task. Or I suppose you could do something like generate a build-file
snippet from the list file (so it's dynamic, to keep up with any changes
to the list file, and so no human ever has to type all those <delete>
tasks in :) and then &include that in your delete target (but it could get
risky, if your gen'ing mechanism is buggy at all, since <delete> will
happily delete whatever you've told it to).



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