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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Overriding the default XSLT processor w/o using CLASSPATH
Date Sat, 04 May 2002 01:01:52 GMT
--- Russ Freeman <> wrote:
> I've gone back to using the "CLASSPATH setup before ant called" hack
> which seems to work. I place the following jars on the command line:-
> C:\Program Files\xalan-j_2_3_1\bin\xalan.jar
> C:\Program Files\xalan-j_2_3_1\bin\xml-apis.jar
> C:\Program Files\xalan-j_2_3_1\bin\xercesImpl.jar

I went with putting those in $ANT_HOME/lib (got past the crud once I found
out you need xml-apis.jar as well -- my book doesn't mention that one, so
I guess that jar's newer than the book [copyright 2001]... 'course it also
mentions xerces.jar, not xercesImpl.jar, but that one was easy to figure

> I don't specifiy the processor parameter as this seems to look for an
> xalan factory class that simply doesn't exist. I wonder if the style
> command is out of date w.r.t. xalan?

Yeah, in looking at the doc again, I think 'classpath'/<classpath> goes
hand-in-hand with 'processor' and otherwise has no effect. And it looks
like specifying "xalan" for the processor gets you Xalan1, since it's
looking for a class (XSLTProcessorFactory) that isn't part of Xalan2
(found it in the Attic in their CVS tree), so I guess you'd need a liaison
for Xalan2 (whatever the hell that means :) or a way of finding the jars
for Xalan1 (which I couldn't find).



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