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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Overriding the default XSLT processor w/o using CLASSPATH
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 19:21:37 GMT
--- Russ Freeman <> wrote:
> Since hearing that I don't need to setup CLASSPATH before call my Ant
> script with a <style> task, I've since tried to use the <classpath>
> element to specify the location of a xalan install without success,
> i.e:-
> <style 
> 	in="${component.root}/Test/Scratch/testresults.xml"
> 	extension="html"
> 	style="${components.root}/Build/Code/Scripts/testresults.xsl"
> 	out="${build}/testresults.html">
> 	<classpath>
> 		<pathelement location="${xalan.api}/bin/xalan.jar"/> 
> 		<pathelement location="${xalan.api}/bin/xml-apis.jar"/> 
> 		<pathelement
> location="${xalan.api}/bin/xercesImpl.jar"/> 
> 	</classpath>
> </style> 
> No matter what I try the style task seems unable to see the XSLT
> processor. It works if I setup CLASSPATH beforehand though.

Have you tried also setting the 'processor' attribute (see the Parameters
table)?  (I've never used this task, so I'm not sure if you're supposed to
need it or not when specifying the classpath inside the task, but it seems
it couldn't hurt to give it a try.)



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