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From Stefan Kost <>
Subject RE: changing the main initialization procedure
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 07:14:38 GMT
Hi Dominique,
> A little off-topic, but could you point me to some info on how you can merge
> two xml files to produce a third using an xslt stylesheet?
> In either Myrmidon's templating system using xslt, or 'Java and XSLT' book,
> the xslt stylesheet *contains* the xml template as well. If I remember
> correctly, you pointed out a while ago that it didn't separate the the ANT
> build template and the stylesheet, which I agree with. It also requires to
> know xslt to update the template, which is bad.
> Please forgive my ignorance of XSLT related matter ;-) --DD

Here a xslt which does it. I've not writte it originally, but tweaked it
to suit my needs. I currently use the syle-task to build my ejb
descriptor from fragments.


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