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From Stefan Kost <>
Subject Re: copy one file to multiple directories
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 08:03:03 GMT
Hi all, hi Stefan,
> On 07 May 2002, Stefan Kost <> wrote:
> > 1.) allowing the touch-task to have a mapper would have helped me.
> > Then I could have supplied a fileset based on some expression and
> > used a mapper to make up my (not yet existing) filenames.
> How?  I'm sorry, I may have missed the beginning of the thread.
My problem is probably not very common. To clairfy it a bit more :
I process a file with a stylesheet and read an external document with
filenames (more xml-files) from where I copy parts (nodesets).
Furthermore there might be files in the same dir as the file I copy
parts from. :
opening non-existent doc in xslt fails the processing. Thus I need
somehow to create dummy files, I can later still check via count if
there is something there. Thus one idea was to touch env.xml files in
all places where ejb.xml files are.
> > 2.) an attribute overwrite on style-task would have helped me.
> It is there (it is called force).
It's not the same. "force=true" means overwrite even if file seems to be
up-to-date. "overwrite=false" would mean don't care if the file is just
> > 3.) extending the copy-task, so that if "file" is given, but neither
> > "toDir" nor "toFile" the the embedded "<fileset>" specifies
> > destination filenames.
> Too implicit for me - I'd rather add a new nested element <destdirset>
> that makes up a dirset (new in Ant 1.5) and all directories in this
> set would become target directories.
As long as this behaviour is well reflected in the docs (description +
example) it would be okay for me.

I currently add a node to all ejb.xml files where an env.xml exists.


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