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From "Giles Paterson" <>
Subject Ant 1.5beta1 - javac task - compiling classes it shouldn't
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 10:57:15 GMT
The problem I am having is that ant is compiling classes it shouldn't (i.e. they are not specified
in the javac task's includes). The extra classes aren't dependencies as when I compile using
my IDE, only the expected classes are compiled.

Even more curiously, the output of 'ant -verbose' only lists the classes I would expect to
be compiled.

So ant/javac is stating that it is only going to compile the classes as specified in the includes
directive, but it goes on to compile additional classes also.

The (large) project I am working on has multiple build files set up like this:

build.xml	- main build file that sets up common properties
	|-buildServer.xml	- build targets for the server code base
	|-buildPresentation.xml	- build targets for the presentation code base

The main build.xml file has targets set up that merely call the corresponding targets in the
sub-project build files.


<target name="compilePresentation" depends="prepare">
        <ant inheritRefs="true" antfile="${presentation.file}" target="compilePresentation"/>


<target name="compilePresentation">
        <javac destdir="${build.dir}" debug="on" includeAntRuntime="no">
            <classpath refid="class.path"/>
            <src path="${java.src}"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/presentation/**"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/util/*"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/util/dataaccess/**"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/util/xml/**"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/util/http/**"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/server/serviceclient/**"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/server/serviceinstanceexecution/**"/>
            <include name="com/runservicenet/uwp/server/"/>

The above classes are being compiled, but I am also getting classes from other packages (com.runservicenet.uwp.resource,
com.runservicenet.uwp.config, com.runservicenet.uwp.factory) being compiled, despite none
of my code using classes from these additional packages.

What am I doing wrong, or is this a problem with ant 1.5?

In case you are wondering, I am using multiple build files like this to avoid having one honking
great build file. I am using ant 1.5beta1 because when I tried using ant 1.4.1, I couldn't
get the classpath reference to be passed through to the sub-project build files.

Giles Paterson
Runservicenet Limited
Tel: +44 (0)20 8288 8434
Fax: +44 (0)20 8288 8438

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