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From "Hal Hildebrand \(web\)" <>
Subject Re: Ant for multi-tier deployments
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 17:22:03 GMT
Our system is such a system.  We have about 60 -100 processes on as many
machines all controlled from a single machine using Ant.  We don't have
a GUI yet, due to scheduling, but the command line is very simple to
use.  The great thing is that when we get time to build a GUI for it, we
will just call Ant directly from the Java interface to it.  But that's
kind of obvious - I just think it's neat.

With Unix, this system is a piece of cake.  With Windows, it's a bit
more difficult and requires either third party tools (sc, psexec and
such) or some machinations with Window's services and their default set
up.  Windows has barely entered the 20th century as far as remote
administration is concerned.

It's just like we used to do with Make, but with far better integration
with the tools that you have to develop.

I wouldn't recommend running a separate Java daemon to deal with the
remote execution tasks - but that's just me.  You always have the
bootstrap problem of getting the daemon installed and running on the
remote machine - ugly at best.  With the current set of tools we have
now, we can remotely install Java, set up the environment correctly and
administer all the services we have remotely from a single machine.  No
need for any daemons we need to keep bound by chicken blood and

Very cool.

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From: "Matthew Pearce" <>

Impressed with how easy Ant is to use, I am wondering have others on
this list used it to do multi-tier deployments. By this I mean deploying
a fileset to a server which then causes knock-on updates to other
servers. Do such builds have to be conducted from one Ant process or can
Ant be run in a daemon mode that responds to incoming builds events by
starting another tier of builds.

Interwoven OpenDeploy is a proprietary tool that can do these multi-tier
or fan-style deployments. It is conceptually similar to Ant, but the
user interface is horrid IMHO by comparison with Ant IDE extensions like

If Ant or any projects built on Ant are capable of similar
functionality, would you let me know.



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