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From Malcolm Dew-Jones <>
Subject Q: Interface java.util.Iterator ... not found.
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 19:34:34 GMT
Suggestions on how to solve the following problem would be appreciated.

I get the following error message for one file when compiling a set of 
files using ant.  This is on Windows XP, using Ant version 1.4.1 compiled 
on October 11 2001 (I have to use that version as this is the verison the 
customer uses).

>    [javac] 
>Interface java.util.Iterator of class
>not found.
>    [javac] public class beiDatasetIterator implements Iterator
>    [javac]                                            ^

However, if I run the compile by hand by cut and pasting the javac command 
from the ant -verbose output ("[javac] Compilation args:") then the file 
compiles with no problem.

Also, if I compile by simply typing
	javac -d  ..\bei-web\WEB-INF/classes
using the classpath already in my environment then again the file compiles 
with no problem.

So what could be wrong? and how do I fix it?  This is the only .java file 
that implements an interface, if that makes a difference, but the other 
files do use numerous other standard java things with no problems (e.g. 
java.sql.*, java.util.*,*, ...etc...)

Thanks for any feedback.

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