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From Alex Khesin <>
Subject <javadoc> in 1.5 beta1
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 21:43:32 GMT

I am trying to use <javadoc> to generate documentation for a small portion
of my java source tree - using fileset nested parameter.  The problem I keep
running into is that "Ant will automatically add the include pattern
**/*.java to these filesets" (according to

To make it concrete, let's say I have a package com/company/package, and the
only file that I want to document in that package is

The construct that I am trying to make work is

  <fileset dir="c:\src" >
    <patternset includes="com/company/package/"/>

but since **/*.java is appended to the fileset, the patternset is
effectively converted into

  <fileset dir="c:\src" >
    <patternset includes="**/*.java,com/company/package/"/>

as evidenced by Ant's -debug output:

fileset: Setup scanner in dir c:\src with patternSet{ includes: [**/*.java,
com/company/package/] excludes: [] }

which ends up including every file in my directory tree.

Can someone please suggest a possible workaround?


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