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From "Russ Freeman" <>
Subject RE: building with 3rd party libraries
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 14:53:03 GMT
Depends who you ask :) Here's what I do:-

1) when creating a war or jar file, do you include all 3rd party
libraries necessary for your application to run/compile or not? 

No, I either ship/install 3rd-party libs with mine (where the license
allows it) or just specifiy the dependency when shipping.

2) which do you keep in source control. All?

Normally not but on a previous project where we had lots of 3rd-party
jars and many developers working on the same project, it was decided to
create a special "3rd-party" component in source control that just
contained all dependee jars. Makes it much easier to get portable builds
because the build scripts can always refer to a relative location to
your other components. 

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