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From <>
Subject ANT and MS Visual SourceSafe
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 15:46:43 GMT

This might be useful to anyone using ANT's vssGet commands:

Win2000 machine running ANT to do builds
remote VSS 6.0 server (also running Win2000)

We noticed incredibly slow performance of the Get operation (downloading hundreds of individual
files, about 45MB). This was taking 75 minutes on a 100 mbit network. Strangely, on rare occasions
we had this take only 15 minutes.

As it turns out, after exhausting all other possibilities, we discovered that having the VSS
client open on the desktop of the ANT machine caused the download to run much faster. It appears
that if the VSS client is closed, ANT must reconnect to VSS for each individual file which
caused the sluggish performance. Also, if a user is specified in the vssget task and that
user is not the same user logged into the box and VSS client session, you also get a slow
download. So, we figure our 15-minute downloads had happened on occasions when we happened
to also have a client session of VSS open. Bizarre.

Our solution was to *not* specify a user/login in the vssget task, and in this case it will
default to whoever is logged in to the box and VSS. 

Michael C. Sullivan
Open Channel Solutions, Inc.
1400 Providence Highway
Norwood, MA 02062
508-942-2947 mobile

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