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From Ray Tayek <>
Subject Re: some design questions about "ant in anger"
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 07:16:34 GMT
At 09:54 PM 4/18/02 -0400, you wrote:
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>From: "Ray Tayek" <>
>To: "Ant Users List" <>
>Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 8:59 PM
>Subject: some design questions about "ant in anger"
> > hi, i am digging thought the "ant in anger" article ...
>I encourage you to have a look at 
>Maven.  ...

looks interesting. i will probbaly try it out when i am ready to write that 
"...single set of Ant files are used to build any number of projects that 
you are managing".

> > also, i am a bit confused about properties. afaict, these are immutable
>correct, they are immutable.
> > ... if you wanted to override some property, you would need to somehow
> > process your in a "bottom up" manner ...
>you set your properties in precedence order, and the command-line
>(-D/-propertyfile) options take ultimate precedence.

because the first guy to define it gets it his way, correct?

> > otoh, if i am using ant calls, what happens to all of the properties that
> > have already been defined by descending the tree up to the point of this
> > particular ant call? do these properties get lost when the new ant call
> > gets made? when ant sees new build.xml and files do these
> > "go away" when that ant call terminates?
>I'm assuming you mean <antcall>?   Or <ant>?

i was thinking of <ant> (did not know about antcall) and was assuming that 
the build file would be from a sub-directory of the current ant task (but i 
can see from the doc that this does not have to be the case - neat!).

>  Either way there are options to pass properties down from the calling build

oops, i should rtfm more :(

i also see that if you do not inheritAll (properties), then it looksl like 
you can still access the "outer" properties by using something called 
"nested property tags".

>and in Ant 1.5 even references.


>   Properties do not pass back up though (unless you do some tricks ...
> > another issue that seems problematic is that of testing. we will be doing
> > servlets, so there are at least four (4) levels of testing: junit, cactus,
> > httpunit, and someOtherTesting. the cactus seems a bit complicated (he
> > deploys in place somehow - i don't quite grok that yet). has anyone had any
> > luck with putting different kinds of testing like these ant?
>These all play fine together, and all are actually JUnit tests anyway, so
>they could even all be run in one <junit> task (although I separate Cactus
>and regular JUnit tests).  HttpUnit tests would be wrapped in a JUnit test
>case, typically, and pretty much any other test I'd perform would be too.

i think i would lobby for more separation of the different kinds of tests. 
if a bunch of your junit guys fail, the you probably want to bail or just 
for organizational reasons.

i was thinking of putting the different tests in different source 
directories and keeping the junit tests in the same package (so i can test 
protected methods easily) but in a different source directory (i would 
expect helper classes to hang out here).

>What specific issues are you having here?

nothing specific, i am just getting started :)

thanks for the assistance

ray tayek
actively seeking telecommuting work
vice chair orange county java users group
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