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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject RE: GUI for Ant?
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:21:20 GMT
I believe ya'll are in violent agreement - there's just a matter of 
degree.  At my last job (yeah, I'm currently looking...) the agreement was 
that any IDE was OK to use, but before checkin the code had to build with 
Ant.  We didn't have a "build-master" per-se, and the informal agreement 
worked pretty well, all things considered.

Ant is the thing that allows the freedom to choose your own IDE, and I 
believe that was Steve's point.

If we all had to depend on JBuilder for a production build, everyone would 
have to use JBuilder.


At 10:43 PM 04/16/2002 +0100, Jon Skeet wrote:
> > I wonder how much ant has helped to recreate the concept that
> > an IDE is an individual preference; if all of them run Ant
> > then each person in the team can use whichever one they want...
> > we have lowered the barrier for switching IDEs.
>I'm not sure where Ant comes in here. My company has always used various 
>different IDEs - everyone builds however they want to build (mostly 
>letting the IDE do the work) and I act as build-master for base-level 
>builds. There's nothing Ant-specific there.
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