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From Eric Richardson <>
Subject Managing multiple projects with shared targets
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:33:03 GMT

I'm transforming xml docs to html and pdf and use ANT for this process. 
I wanted to have one main build file that could be used to call build 
files for each project for nightly builds using the <ant> . This works 
fine but almost all the targets in the subproject ant files are exactly 
the same so I wanted to put the targets in the main file and perhaps put 
hooks in the individual build files so special processing could be done 
at the project level. Perhaps a pre and post processing dependencies. 
This way minor deviations can be accomplished at the project level 
without affecting anybody elses builds.

I previously tried antcall but this also doesn't lend to local project 
control using common targets. I have a couple of basic questions that 
may help. I see that the properties in the main file are ignored if they 
are redefined in the subproject. But targets in the main file are 
ignored if they are called from the subproject. Are targets overridden 
in newer versions of ant? What about properties?

I could reverse the concept where the subprojects include the common 
targets but then they need to know the location at the XML entity 
resolution level not at an ant property resolution level which means I'd 
have to use catalog support for that but there must be a better way. Any 
insight into managing multiple projects with shared targets would be 
much appreciated.


Does anybody else have a similar situation

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