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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: "if" task
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 18:17:11 GMT
--- Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
> Won't happen for Ant 1.5.  The tasks are already available so its not as
> though having them in the core is mandatory.  Dropping them into a build
> file is only one <taskdef> to get all ant-contrib tasks defined - and
> placing a single tiny JAR in ANT_HOME/lib.

FTR: I happen to agree (don't faint! :)  Sorry, Dominique, but I'm not +1
on these going into Ant1.x, since:
  - They're too controversial and will likely never get voted in
    anyway, and all that will happen is a big round-and-round on
    the mailing list all over again.
  - I don't see any real difference between picking up the Ant
    jar files and picking up the ant-contrib stuff -- you get 'em,
    you stick 'em in your source-control, and boom, they're your
    tools. The ant-contrib stuff is supported as much as Ant is --
    in the sense that it's an open-source project with people who
    are willing to work on it (I reported a bug to Stefan a few
    weeks ago, and he had it fixed in under five minutes) -- so
    there's no reason to be any more twitchy about using it than
    about using "standard" Ant.
  - I suspect (or I'm hoping, anyway) Ant2 will take care of all
    this sort of thing and allow for lots of things that Ant1 will
    never allow for, since it wasn't really designed to, so I say:
    "If you need the functionality, use the stuff from ant-contrib
    until Ant2 comes out (or write in-house tasks or <script>'s)."



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