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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Path, refid, <src>
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 02:55:01 GMT
I can't say I understand the reasons behind refusing to have
includes/excludes inside a fileset in a src tag for javac, but I would find
it extremely useful.  I am doing code transformation on files in only one
subdirctory of my module's source tree, and would like to be able to have
two filesets, one with the files from "untransformed" directories and one
with the transformed copies from the special directories.  To do this now I
have to copy every file, transforming only a few, and making finding errors
a real headache, or change the file names of the transformed files.  I
don't much like either one of these options.

david jencks

On 2002.04.26 20:35:39 -0400 Diane Holt wrote:
> --- Gurdev Parmar <> wrote:
> > From how I see at <src> tag, you have made it powerful
> > enough to specify different source base directories. You see it
> > just as an extension of srcdir attribute but I see it as an extension
> > of srcdir and includes/excludes attributes which I think is more
> > logical.
> Not when you understand that the <javac> task "forms an implicit
> FileSet".
> Note that for the <javac> task you could never do something like:
>   <javac srcdir=".">
>     <fileset ... uh, dir=".", again? -- oops ...
> See? The 'srcdir' attribute and/or the nested <src> element is used to
> specify the directory that would've been specified in a <fileset> 'dir'
> attribute, thereby making it not only unnecessary but illegal to use a
> <fileset> to specify the source files, and which is why you only specify
> <include>/<exclude> (or 'includes[file]'/'excludes[file]') instead.
> Diane
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