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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Need classpath help.
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 20:37:04 GMT
--- "John W. Warner" <> wrote:
> I have a project that works great on W2K. I moved the project on to a
> Solaris 2.6 box and changed the build.xml file accordingly and I'm
> getting the following error;
> [javac]
> /afs/cmf/users/jwarner/EZM/src/mil/nrl/ezmoney/common/security/Encryptio
> cannot resolve symbol
>     [javac] symbol  : class BI  
>     [javac] location: package core
>     [javac] import cryptix.util.core.BI;         // Cryptix
>     [javac]                          ^

Are you sure the jar file is where you've said it is? If it is, have you
'tf'd it to make sure that it has that particular class in it?

> The only thing that seems weird to me is that the java.class.path
> doesn't show the cryptix library listed and I'm thinking that it should.

It wouldn't be in java.class.path -- it should be in the list following
the '-classpath' flag on the compile command-line (you only need to run
Ant with '-verbose' to see that). If it's not showing up there, then the
file doesn't exist, since non-existent jars will be (silently) dropped.
(BTW: Is there some reason you're including it in both the fileset and
specifying it in the 'classpath' attribute as well?)

> Also, Question 2
> How do I do something like the following;
> If OS="SunOs" then basepath = . 
> If OS="Windows NT" then basepath = .

See the <condition> task's nested <os> element.



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