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From "Marco Hunsicker" <>
Subject [Announcement] Jalopy Java Source Code Formatter
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 06:22:50 GMT
Hi all,

I've developed an Ant Plug-in for my GPL-covered Java Source Code
Formatter. This formatter is somewhat similar to the well-known,
commercial Jindent which actually served as a model for Jalopy. All
major Jindent features are available as well plus a few more. The
current set of available Plug-ins includes Ant, Eclipse, JBuilder,
JEdit and NetBeans.

It would be kind, if you would like to add a link to the Jalopy project
homepage to your "External Tools and Tasks" page. If you need more
information, please feel free to contact me.

If this is not the proper list to ask for the addition, please direct
me to the correct list or person.

The project information is as follows:

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
License: GNU General Public License

BTW, many thanks for your cool work. I'm using both the Log4J toolkit
and the Oro regular expression package within the formatter. Excellent

Best regards,
Marco Hunsicker

The user manual introduction states:

"Jalopy is a source-code formatting tool for Java. It can insert and
remove indentation, wrap lines, sort imports and class elements, add
headers, handle spaces, correct Javadoc entries to match method
signatures and much more.

If your development team can agree on a coding style, Jalopy can help
you maintain it, without any browbeating or bloodletting. With a simple
Ant target, you can format all the source into the style, as often as
you like."

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