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From Paul Erion <>
Subject RE: javac and fileset
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 21:24:58 GMT
Thanks for the quick response!

    > I think you are confusing paths and filesets.

No doubt, since my capacity for confusion knows no bounds ...

    > ... Try simply:
    >     <target name="build">
    >         <javac srcdir="${source.home}"
    >                destdir="${output.home}">
    >             <classpath refid="compile.classpath" />
    >             <exclude name="com/mv/util/" />
    >         </javac>
    >     </target>

This is what I had initially, but I wanted to be able to refer to the
same set of files in multiple tasks, which is why I tried the <path>

I'm relatively new to Ant, so I probably misinterpreted the following
from the javac entry in the Ant manual:

    Javac's srcdir, classpath, bootclasspath and extdirs
    attributes are path-like structures and can also be
    set via nested <src>, <classpath>, <bootclasspath> and
    <extdirs> elements, respectively.

I figured that since <src> is described as being a path-like structure,
it would accept my use of the <path> element with the nested <fileset>,
but perhaps not.


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