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From "Azoulay, Zacky" <>
Subject Error passing patternset to another target in another xml file
Date Sun, 14 Apr 2002 06:28:38 GMT

I have two xml file one with a target copy.dir.targetdir
that contain one patternset local_file_to_be_removed and a target ant
antfile to the second xml file.

targetdir.xml file .

 <target name="copy.dir.targetdir" depends="title" >
	<patternset id="local_file_to_be_removed" >
		<exclude name="**/*Ie/List/List.vbs"/>

	<!-- Dir Number 1 !!!! MetaTemplates !!!! -->

<ant antfile="../copy.xml" target="copy.dir" dir=".">
	<property name="sources.dir"
	<property name="destination.dir"
	<property name="attrib.dir" value="-r"/>
	<property name=""

in copy.xml I perform a copy target with the property from targetdir.xml.

	<target name="copy.dir.available" >
		<available file="${sources.dir}" property="source.exist"/>
		<patternset id="file_not_to_be_copy" >
			<exclude name="**/*.bak"/>
			<exclude name="**/create.dir"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.scc"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.lib"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.ilk"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.bdy"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.hdr"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.exp"/>


  	<target name="copy.dir" depends="copy.dir.echo" if="source.exist">
  		<!-- Sources -->
  		<copy preservelastmodified="YES" overwrite="YES"
    			<fileset dir="${sources.dir}">
				<patternset refid="file_not_to_be_copy"/>
		<record name="${success.log.file}" action="start" />
		<exec executable="cmd.exe" os="Windows 2000">
			<arg line="/c attrib ${attrib.dir} /S"/>
			<arg value="${destination.dir}/*.*"/>
		<exec executable="cmd.exe" os="Windows 2000">
			<arg line="/c DIR /S /B "/>
			<arg value="${destination.dir}"/>
		<record name="${success.log.file}" action="stop" />


after I run ant I got the following error.

C:\BW Unifier\Config\Build\copy.xml:194: Reference
not found.

is any one now what I do wrong ??

regards zacky

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