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From Steve Allan <>
Subject getting duplicate classes in my jar file
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:46:55 GMT

I'm using <zipfileset> inside <jar> to merge external jar files along with
my compiled classes.  As an example

<jar jarfile = "big.jar" basedir = "classdir">
  <zipfileset src = "jar1.jar"/>
  <zipfileset src = "jar2.jar"/>

It happens that several class files in my classdir have the same name as
classes in jar1.jar and jar2.jar.  When I run

jar tf big.jar

on the output, I see duplicate entries for those classes.

I've used excludes in <zipfileset> to remove the duplcates, but I would also
like to be able to

1) Have an option that tells <jar> to warn me of duplcate class files so I
don't have to jar tf them to find out.
2) Have an option that tells <jar> to overwrite duplicate classes
automatically (with a warning also).

Are there ways to do that?


-- Steve
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