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From "Philip Aston" <>
Subject Re: pingURL: A better way to start and stop application servers?
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:09:25 GMT

[old thread, I've been busy]

Erik Hatcher writes:

 > Have a look at the <serverdeploy> task that exists in Ant's CVS and
 > see if your pingURL has any synergy with that framework. If so, let
 > us know!

Hmmm.. no, serverdeploy simply does a hot deployment, my task is about
starting WLS.

Steve Loughran writes:

 > You can use <waitfor> to probe a url with controlled sleep time and
 > timeout interval, sets a property on success, etc.
 > All pingurl does is add a container wrapper, but it only allows url 2XX
 > conditions to be evaluated (presumably); <waitfor> can probe any port for
 > being openable, plus all the other conditions that are possible

Yep, waitfor is more generic and wins. Roll on 1.5 :-)

Thanks chaps,

- Phil

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