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From "Erik Schalburg" <>
Subject RE: Platform specific extensions
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 00:32:11 GMT
It may be an unpopular opinion (it seems to be where I work), but I would
question first why you are calling scripts from ant.  Sure, there are places
where calling a script is a good idea, but I've seen build files that call
scripts that are persistent processes.  I've even seen people start app
servers with a target.  It may just be a pet peeve, but it seems to me that
that is not what Ant is supposed to be used for - one of those 'You can, but
should you?' kinda things.

Sorry for the rant... rough day.  I'd appreciate some other opinions.

For example I have a product with scripts and foo.bat. Now I want
to have an exec task in my build.xml such as:

<exec executable="foo.${property}">
    <arg line="some value">

Can ${property} be set to ".sh" or ".bat" depending upon whether it's a
solaris platform or win32 platform ?


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