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From "Jeffrey Jensen" <>
Subject Re: javac complaining about missing packages/classes
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 21:14:48 GMT
Yes they work perfectly.  My examples are real - I copied them out of my
build.xml file (and trimmed the extraneous).

That is why I asked why you wrote a new taskdef...Ant already provides
directory traversals for about everything.  :-)

>>> 03/12/02 01:52PM >>>
Jeffrey Jensen wrote:
> Hmm, I'm not sure what you mean by "javadoc and packagenames don't
> wildcards and don't do recursion".

well, "javadoc" the command-line program doesn't -- com.* means nothing
to it.

I didn't know "javadoc" the Ant task did support that (or else i
have written that part of the article).

> A simple javac works like this:
>     <javac destdir="${}" includes="**/*.java">
>       <src path="${src.code.src.dir}" />
>       <src path="${src.code.test.dir}" />
>     </javac>
> and a simple javadoc works like this:
>     <javadoc destdir="${}"
>       <sourcepath>
>           <pathelement path="${src.code.src.dir}" />
>           <pathelement path="${src.code.test.dir}" />
>       </sourcepath>
>     </javadoc>

so is this working or not?  if not, then the only thing i can think of
is that the sourcepath isn't correct, or you've forgotten that your
classes aren't in a package under "com.something..." (not saying
they are or aren't, but its something to double-check).

Joseph Shelby                         

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          Software Engineer, ISX Corporation, Arlington, VA
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