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From "Jeffrey Jensen" <>
Subject Re: javac complaining about missing packages/classes
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 19:42:52 GMT
Hmm, I'm not sure what you mean by "javadoc and packagenames don't take
wildcards and don't do recursion".

A simple javac works like this:

    <javac destdir="${}" includes="**/*.java">
      <src path="${src.code.src.dir}" />
      <src path="${src.code.test.dir}" />

and a simple javadoc works like this:

    <javadoc destdir="${}" packagenames="com.*">
          <pathelement path="${src.code.src.dir}" />
          <pathelement path="${src.code.test.dir}" />

both using wildcards and recursion into directories.  This is one of my
fav things about Ant.

What am I missing that causes the need for a new task definition?

>>> 03/12/02 12:19PM >>>

javadoc and packagenames don't take wildcards and don't do recursion.
you have to specify all packages individually, either in the
attribute or in an external file.

my next article on ant for that should be out within the
month will have an ant task that will generate your packagelist file
for you by recursing down your src tree and adding a line for each
directory that has a .java file in it.  hopefully that should be
by them by the end of march, but it may have to wait until the middle
april.  out of respect for them, i can't release the task definition
until its published, but once it is, i'll see what i can do to follow
on it and see if i can make it available to the ant community as a
as an optional built-in task.

Joseph Shelby                         

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          Software Engineer, ISX Corporation, Arlington, VA
"The people of England will permit anything...except cruelty to horses
and a rise in the price of beer."  -- Return of the Musketteers (1989)

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