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Subject Tar base directory question
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 17:25:54 GMT
I'm trying to create a tar ball with a specific base directory
included in the tar file.  For example, I have a "dist" directory
that I want to tar for distribution.  However, when I set
the base directory as "dist", I get the files in the dist
directory, but tar does include "dist" as part of the
file path.  So when users extract the tar, all the files
end up in the directory where it was extracted.  What I
want is to have "dist" as the base directory inside the
tar.  For Example:


instead of:


No matter what I set base dir or tarfileset to, I can't get the
tar task to include the base directory.  Any suggestions on
how to fix this problem?  I've searched the web, the archives,
and news groups without any luck.  Thanks.


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