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From Paul Cody <>
Subject RE: Problems with javac
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 19:55:46 GMT
> > One way to fix this is to ensure that the environment 
> variable JAVA_HOME is
> > set to the location of your JDK.
> It is set. So that's not the problem.

Ok. is the front-end of the javac compiler, as I'm
sure you've deduced.  Ant calls this class when using the classic compiler.
It is located in JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar.  

Ant must be able to find this jar when it starts up or else it cannot use
this compiler type.  You can run ant -verbose or ant -debug to see where ant
thinks JAVA_HOME is.  Generally ant will complain if it can't find the
classic compiler rather than throwing a stacktrace however.  Do you have any
special environment setup?  What version of the jdk and ant are you using?


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