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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Adding a custom task to
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 21:38:04 GMT
Or better yet, a true plugin architecture as someone recently wrote on this
list. Just having custom tasks and types in the classpath should be enough
for them to be picked up. And the actual task name (used in the XML build
file) can even be specified using a public static final String, and grabbed
thanks to reflection. It's just the matter of scanning the classpath, and
looking for concrete classes implementing Task and DataType. Search can be
narrowed by loading only classes based on the package/class name (speeds up
the search greatly, by using the convention already used by ant
**.ant.**.taskdefs.**, **.ant.**.types.**). I'm sure many people will object
to automagically add tasks/types, but that would make adding custom task
real easy.

I've done scanning of the classpath like described above recently (grabs the
URLs of the URLClassLoader, and scan these), and its pretty fast (.2 seconds
for a really big classpath, on a fast and recent DELL/W2K). --DD

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Sent:	Thursday, March 07, 2002 3:04 PM
Subject:	Adding a custom task to

A request . . . .

I believe that the only two ways of defining the association between a
ant task and the class which contains the logic for the task are to include
<taskdef> statement in every build.xml which uses the task, or to modify

Including a <taskdef> in every build file can get tedious, especially if
defines many custom tasks.  But there are good reasons why we don't want
to munge ANY of the contents of ant.jar (mainly because of the headaches
that would create in making sure that we get a modified ant.jar into the
of every customer who needs one, and so that some customer doesn't
decide to upgrade ant on their own and download a copy from Jakarta, thus
losing our custom task definitions, etc.).

Any hope of teaching ant to recognize a .properties file which lives
ant.jar as a file which defines home-grown ant extensions?  Maybe call it or something?  Or perhaps better still, define a
'custom.task.defs' property which we can set and thus specify our own

Thanks for your consideration,


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