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From Zart Colwing <>
Subject Re: Any ways to add to the Default Excludes list?
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 11:40:57 GMT

On mardi, mars 26, 2002, at 10:52 , stephan beal wrote:

> On Monday 25 March 2002 22:50 pm, Zart Colwing wrote:
>> On MacOS-X we need to exclude the following file in every
>> directory-based tasks:
>> Icon\r              (that is the word icon with a Capital i and a <cr>
>> at the end)
>> .DS_Store
>> I know I can exclude these files from all my directory-based tasks by
>> carrefuly rewriting all my fileset and patternset, but it is a tedious
>> task and it is prone to error and confusion.
>> A mechanism to add to the Default Excludes list is a better solution me
>> think. If it's not already there in the 1.4.1, maybe the Ant team could
>> consider adding such a mechanism in the next version. Also, it will 
>> be a
>> good idea to permanently add these two entries in the Default Excludes
>> list.
> What exactly do you mean by "default" excludes list? One that applies to
> <javac>, <copy>, <cvs>, etc., etc.? If so, that won't work. Imagine:
At the bottom of the file <ant-1.4.1/docs/manual/dirtasks.html> you can 
<<Default Excludes
There are a set of definitions that are excluded by default from all 
directory-based tasks. They are:
If you do not want these default excludes applied, you may disable them 
with the defaultexcludes="no" attribute.>>

> exclude= some/unsused/path/
> <javac> perhaps should exclude that, but <cvs> probably shouldn't?

The Default Excludes list is meant IMHO to exclude *gremlin* files that 
appear to be present in your project directory but are not part of your 
project. These are files that are created on you back by the file 
system, the CVS system, the backup system, etc. You didn't create them 
and you don't care about them.

> And, honestly, if you have a file with a \r in it's name, it's time to 
> rename
> the file. You're just asking for problems with all sorts of tools with a
> filename like that.

This is not under my control, these are files created by MacOSX for its 
own UI/directory/file management. If I delete them then MacOSX will 
recreate them sooner or later. My only option is to completely ignore 
them and I like the tool like copy, jar, tar, where you often act on the 
whole directory content, to ignore them also.

Specific Unix Computer Guy ;)

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> inhibited is completely frozen." -- Alan W. Watts

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