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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject Re: problems with ftp task to VAX server
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 21:09:38 GMT
Assuming that you're VAX is running a flavor of VMS, you'll have to vary 
your syntax some more.  Most VMS ftps would do some type of file mapping, 
but I don't know if ANT turns that on.

Directories and files on VMS look like this:


IIRC, the TGV Multinet FTP implementation could handle this path in UNIX 
like syntax:


I don't remember what Digital's own FTP implementation did.

Can you make command-line FTP work to this box?
What output do you get from "ant -verbose?"

At 03:59 PM 03/07/2002 -0500, David Tuck wrote:
>Has anyone successfully used the ftp task to retrieve files from a VAX server.
>The transfer target below is successful but zero files are transferred, 
>though there are files which match.
>Attempts with several syntax variants have not helped.
>The send action works fine.
><target name="transfer">
>         <ftp action="get"
>         server=""
>         remotedir="[SOMEDIR]"
>         userid="user"
>         password="password">
>     <fileset dir="c:/mydir">
>       <include name="test.txt;*"/>
>     </fileset>
>   </ftp>
>Thanks for your help.

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