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From Joseph Shelby <>
Subject Re: How to incorporate "idlj" in my ANT xml ???
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:22:50 GMT
Greg Callaghan wrote:
> Hi,
> We're starting up with ANT here.  Part of the build process is to -:
> (1) create TEMP directory (will be deleted with CLEAN)
> (2) compile IDL from IDL to TEMP/SRC (using "idlj")
> (3) copy other source from SRC to TEMP/SRC
> (4) compile all source in TEMP to BUILD

see my article on using Ant with JAXB's code generator.  Though
it uses that and not idlj, the basic concept is the same.

it still calls jaxb's generator from a java task, but you could
use the exec task to do that part.

beyond that, its a matter of having two separate source directories,
one that has your own code, the other that has the generated code,
and compiling the two at the same time.  the javac task can take
multiple source paths.
 <javac destdir="build" includes="**/*.java"
    <src path="src"/>
    <src path="gensrc"/>
    <classpath refid="build.class.path"/>

> We of course we like to make the process cover not performing step 2 unless
> idl files have changed, ideally on a per IDL file basis.
> Q1 - Does anyone know of a custom task for "idlj" that may be just
>      around the corner?
> Q2 - If the answer to Q1 is no, what is the suggested ANT method of
>      implementing this?

In part two, I discuss a means of doing that one-to-many dependency
for jaxb.  It does basically require a means of determining which
files the idl compiler would generate, meaning it would have to parse
the idl file to a limited degree.  mine has a java file that determines
what .java files would be generated by jaxb.  note that this is still
"in progress" of being published.  its not quite done yet online.

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