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From Joseph Shelby <>
Subject Re: javac task
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 17:39:02 GMT
Niall Smart wrote:
> Hi,
> Lets say I have a build system laid out like this:
> top/
>      build.xml
>      foo/
>      bar/
> Is it possible to compile foo/ and bar/ using one javac
> target?   The following target natually fails with a "duplicate class:
> a" error.
> <javac>
>    <src path="foo"/>
>    <src path="bar"/>
>    <include name=""/>
>    <include name=""/>
> </javac>

well, this is getting to be an FAQ, given that variations of this
question have shown up about 3 times in the last 48 hours...

personally, i'm getting kinda confused as to why people would need
duplicate class files in the same build tree.  Refactoring and XP
tends to lean towards "OnceAndOnlyOnce", and i've reached the point
of applying that at the file level as much as at the method level.
If multiple packages need some of the same utilities, i refactor
the utility stuff into its own build tree and have the other builds
reference it either by a classpath ref or by copying a "dist" jar
file into the classpath.

certainly solves my current problem of 'which of these versions of
this file is my "latest and greatest"', a question i was constantly
asking myself as copies of my utility class sources were all over the place
on my dev directory.

So for the sake of discussion, why do you all have the situation where
you've got files of the same name/package in multiple locations on
your tree?  why haven't you pruned them out so that a new user can surf
down the tree w/ "explorer" and see exactly what's what and where?

if you have two files that represent the same package/class, but do
two different things, why haven't you used proper OOP techniques and
refactored them into two independent classes implementing a specified
interface (with perhaps an abstract class to derive from)?

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          Software Engineer, ISX Corporation, Arlington, VA
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