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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Renaming the directories recursively
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 23:36:48 GMT
--- wrote:
> I am compiling the jsps and that is how these directories are created
> with an "_" infront of all the directories. Infact, I don't want
> the "_". I don't know a way to tell the compiler not create the "_"
> infront of the directories or it would be even better, if the java and
> class files from jsps can be created under the source directory itself.
> In that case, I don't have to worry about this renaming at all.
> The source directory structure is
> ../HIBERNIA/com/alltel/ebusiness/pages/*.jsps
> The javas and classes are created under
> ../HIBERNIA/jsp_servlets/_com/_alltel/_ebusiness_/_pages/_*.java because
> of the -d ${src} option I have to use.

But if com/alltel/ebusiness/pages already exists, you don't really want to
move _com/_alltell/_ebusiness/_pages to com/alltel/ebusiness/pages, since
that wouldn't actually do what you want. What you want is to get the gen'd
.java/.class files (or maybe just the .class files) into
com/alltel/ebusiness/pages, yes? -- which would mean moving
_com/_alltel/_ebusiness/_pages/*.{java,class} to

> I know, if I use the absolute path down to where the jsps are, I can
> achieve what I want. But the problem there is, if somebody creates a new
> directory with jsps, then I need to manually add that directory into my
> ANT build file.

Is the prospect of having to do that so daunting that it's worth trying to
come up with some workaround or, as Adam suggested, writing a new mapper?
(The only workarounds I can think of at the moment are pretty twisty, so
you'd probably want to go with a new mapper -- and in which case, you're
on your own :)



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