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From Timothy Fisher <>
Subject Problem with quoted argument value
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 16:39:05 GMT

I'm writing a task in an Ant script that will deploy
an EJB module.
Part of this task makes a call to the ejbdeploy.bat
script for generating ejb deployment code.
This script can take a class path as an argument as
	-cp "classpath here separated by semicolons"
Note that the double quotes must surround this
argument.   (I am using the Websphere ejbdeploy
script, not sure if others behave differently)

My problem is this.  There is a known, reported, bug
in Ant that prevents the &quot entity from working. 
If you use the &quot entity in a arg value, it gets
off and you end up with no quotes.

A portion of my script is shown below:

	<echo>Deploying EJB JAR file</echo>
		<arg value="${ejb.jar.file}"/>
		<arg value="${global.temp.dir}"/>
		<arg value="${global.temp.dir}/${}"/>
		<arg value="-cp &quot;c:/mypath&quot;"/>
		<arg value="-quiet"/>

Unfortunately this does not work, because Ant strips
off the double quotes that I specifically requested be

Can anyone either suggest a solution as to how I can
pass this argument to ejbdeploy?
tell me when a version of Ant might be released that
fixes the quotation problem?

Note the quotation bug is in bugzilla as bug #: 5906

Timothy Fisher

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