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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Preserving URL paths in <apply> tasks
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 21:30:14 GMT
--- Jeff Lowery <> wrote:
> I have a command-line invoked XML Schema validation tool[1] that expects
> a URI to the schema file. I can't seem to preserve URI paths using the
> following running under Windows 2K:
> <target name="xsv2">
>   <apply executable="xsv.exe" dir="d:/xml/xsv4" vmlauncher="false">
>     <arg line="-i -s xsv.xsl"/>
>       <fileset dir="file://d/xml/schemas">
>         <include name="generic.xs"/>
>       </fileset>
>   </apply>
> </target>
> Ant wants to convert the <fileset> dir attribute to a DOS path format.
> Any way to get the <apply> behavior to work in this case? 

Is there some reason you're using <apply> with a <fileset>, when you only
have the one file?  What you have seems like it'd be better done with
<exec>, with the file name included in the <arg> -- or am I missing



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