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From Guillaume Rousse <>
Subject Re: javadoc get confused by java package running jsdk-1.4
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 13:56:58 GMT
Ainsi parlait Jon Skeet :
> > Building javadoc is OK with jsdk 1.3.1, but fails with 1.4.0,
> > due to javadoc
> > confusing package named java with source files.
> I'm not entirely surprised - given that JavaDoc takes the names of
> packages, source files or class files, if you've got a package named
>, it seems reasonable for JavaDoc to think you might actually be
> talking about a source file called
Actually, it is not, but, but as the dot has no 
special meaning for unix filename, it is a perfectly valid name. 

> Whether or not this is a bug in JavaDoc and/or Ant, I suspect the *best*
> solution for you is to rename your packages - I would imagine you could end
> up with problems like this in other situations too.
Sure, but they are not *my* packages :-)

> (It's like having a class named Foo in a package named Foo - there *should*
> be ways to get things to work with that structure, but it's best to avoid
> it in the first place.)
Once done, however, it is difficult to change. And as previous javadoc didn't 
have this behaviour, it seems much a javadoc bug than a poor design problem.
Guillaume Rousse <>
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